The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a very sleek and elegant mobile phone that has a lot of features. Although, it is feature-rich, one cannot argue that the durability of the mobile phone can be tested at times.

There will be times where we are so busy or times that we are clumsy that we drop our precious mobile phones to the ground. Most of the time, this will break the mobile phone, especially with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

To solve this common problem, a mobile phone case manufacturer created a simple, sleek, yet stylish protective case for the Galaxy S5. I am talking about the Case-Mate Barely There Black Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

If I were to sum up the product with two words, it would be Barely There. And they are right, the case actually fits perfectly well with the Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s as if the case wasn’t there!

The Case we are talking about today is the black version of the Case-Mate Barely there line of protective cases. There are many colors out there available for people, but I found that the black is the sexiest.

The Case-Mate Barely There Black Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 has an ultra-slim profile, which lets people think that there is no actual case attached to the Galaxy S5. Moreover, it has an Anti-scratch technology, which is actually quite good since 80% of the people usually put their mobile phones in their pockets.

As for the durability of the Case-Mate Barely There Black protective case, it is made of Polycarbonate hard-shell plastic. This means that the mobile phone can be protected from any impact, such as that from dropping the mobile phone from a considerable distance.

It also has metallic accents which really adds to the aesthetic appeal of the mobile phone.

All in all, the Case-Mate Barely There Black Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a good buy if you have the Galaxy S5.

What do people have to say about the Case-Mate Barely There Black Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5? Let’s find out:

Therese: “I love Case-Mate cases since the Blackberry days, and since they don’t make Blackberry cases anymore, I switched to the Galaxy S5. I love the fact that the case doesn’t add to the weight of the phone, and the name actually speaks for itself, because it is “barely there”. As for protection, the case does help protect the phone from sudden dropping accidents, but I really do not consider it as that sturdy. Still, it does a pretty good job for a case of this price.”

Johnnie: “I love the Barely There case from Case-Mate. I bought the black version since my phone is a while Galaxy S5. I must say, the case actually complements the mobile phone itself. It is also touch as I dropped it on purpose for 3 times, and the phone was still A-Ok. I highly recommend the Case-Mate Barely There case for anyone who is looking to protect their precious Samsung Galaxy S5.”


The Case-Mate Barely There Black Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is stylish and protective case for your Galaxy S5. This case retails at $22.


When you regularly go to the gym and get yourself a personal trainer, chances are, they will always incorporate squats into your workout routine. Why is that so? And why are squats very important in just about any exercise regimen?

Personal trainers and gym aficionados always incorporate the squat because it has a lot of benefits. It is also relatively easy to do, and you can also perform squats even without gym equipment!

If you’re not doing squats, then you’re probably among the many people who think that this is a leg exercise. That is true, but did you know that Squats can also bring a host of other benefits?

Here are some benefits doing Squats can give you:

  1. Helps build muscles in your Entire Body. Squats can be an intense workout, and when done with proper form and intensity, it can signal the release of Testosterone and other growth hormones. This will result into a more beefier and buffed up physique.

  2. It is a great functional Exercise. A functional exercise help us do real-world activities, even better than just doing conventional gym exercises that require gym equipment. Squats can improve our mobility as well as our balance.

  3. Squats Burn more fat. Since Squats help you build more muscle, you increase your fat-burning powers exponentially. For example, if you gain 10 pounds of muscle, you increase your chances of burning more calories from 500-700 calories a day!

  4. Helps Prevent Injuries. Squats can strengthen your lower body muscles and ligaments. This will result in improved flexibility and this will help prevent injuries.

  5. Tones your Buttocks. If you’ve seen a lot of men and women who have bigger and toned buttocks, they’ve probably incorporated squats in their routine. Squats can strengthen your glutes, otherwise known as your buttocks, and this exercise will help it look bigger.

  6. Enhance Core Strength. Ever wonder why most bodybuilders can lift really heavy weights? That is because they have improved core strength. And, which exercises can you do to improve your Core strength? You guessed it, Squats! When you have an improved core, you will not only prevent injury, you can also lift heavy weights as well.

Now you know some of the benefits of the Squat, how do you perform them? It is actually quite easy. These are the steps you can do to perform a squat (by the way, this type of squat doesn’t require any gym equipment at all! Do this 2-3 times a week for better results).

  1. Warm up

  2. Stand with your feet just over shoulder width apart

  3. Keep your back in a neutral position, and keep your knees centered over your feet

  4. Slowly bend your knees, hips and ankles, lowering until you reach a 90-degree angle

  5. Return to starting position -- repeat 15-20 times, for 2-3 sets for beginners (do this two or three times a week)

  6. Breathe in as you lower, breathe out as you return to starting position


The Squat is considered to be the Queen of all compound exercises, because, like deadlifts, Squats target different muscle groups at the same time. Be sure to add Squats to your exercise regimen for improved overall physique and better health!

Mobile phone signal boosters are devices that are used to enhance or increase the strength of cell phone signal. Cellular networks do not have uniform coverage and the signal strength can vary considerably across a large area. Using mobile phone signal boosters is often the only way to get better signals.  But choosing the wrong mobile phone signal boosters will be futile.

Before you decide to invest in mobile phone signal boosters, consider these specific factors.


  • What is the signal strength you enjoy right now and what is the real reason behind the poor signal? The poor signal strength can still have a range and although there could be more than one reason for that, it has to be so primarily because of one factor. You may have no signal at all, very poor signal that makes your phones unreachable, mildly poor signal strength which leads to dropped calls but the phones are reachable and poor signal that makes the audio transmission break up in pieces. The real reason behind the poor signal could be poor coverage, fault of the network carrier, obstructions in and around the given place and others. Finding the most influencing factor for the poor signals and the specific signal strength will determine what type of and how strong antennas, amplifiers and repeaters you will need.

  • You need to consider the area specific factors while choosing your mobile phone signal boosters. Do you have only one floor where you need a signal boost or there are multiple floors? Is it an entire building or is it an open space? Is it for commercial purposes where multiple calls will be made at the same time or is it for personal use when at the most you will have two cell phones working at the same time? These factors will demand certain types of mobile phone signal boosters. For instance, if you need a signal boost in one floor or in an open space then a dome antenna would work just fine but if there are multiple floors then you need a panel antenna inside the building. Likewise, if there are many calls to be made simultaneously then the capacity of the amplifier and the strength of the antennas should be state of the art r4 3ds.

  • The other factors to consider are the network carrier or carriers and their frequency band or bands, the size of the building, floor or area and the strength of the signals both outside and inside the premises. 

Have you heard about HCG? Chances are, if you have been trying to lose weight, you very well may have already heard about just what this substance can do for you. But before you get started taking HCG drops, you might want to know more about medical uses for this product. In this article, we will talk about the various ways that the medical community uses HCG, either as a treatment, a weight loss option, or even as an indicator of certain things going on in the female body. Read on to find out more on hc.


HCG has been used for years as a fertility drug. Because this hormone is only present in the female body when it is pregnant, many women use HCG in hopes that fooling your body into thinking it is pregnant can actually help them to get pregnant. This method truly works, and has been used in fertility clinics, and by fertility doctors, for quite some time, now. You should be very cautious if you are a woman currently taking HCG drops for weight loss and you do not want to get pregnant in the near future.

To Detect Pregnancy

Another way that doctors have been using HCG, since about the same time as its discovery, is to detect whether or not a woman is with child. Since HCG only appears in a woman’s body after pregnancy, this is normally the hormone that any sort of pregnancy test (whether over-the-counter or given in the hospital) is trying to detect. Remember that if you are taking HCG drops for weight loss, pregnancy tests may not be as accurate for you as they were before you first started taking the drug. False positives while using HCG drops as part of your diet may be possible.

Weight Loss

Lastly, one of the newer ways that people are using HCG drops is to help with weight loss. With a combination of low daily doses of this substance, as well as reduced calorie diet, many patients are seeing a significant amount of weight loss. If extreme weight loss might be something that you could possibly be interested in, then HCG drops might just be a great option for you. Before starting any sort of HCG diet, be sure that you are willing to make the commitment, that you have a support system, and that you are buying genuine HCG supplements.